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  • "The Cult" The Cult. Electric / Peace (2 LP)

    4193 RUR
    LP 1:Tracks 1 - 11 LP 2:Tracks 12 - 22
  • Pilgrimage in the Polish-American Religious Education Experience

    Pilgrimage in the Polish-American Religious Education Experience

    2180 RUR
    Pilgrimage is a great way of examining faith on a communal and personal level and it already has a history and precedent in the Polish and Polish-American communities. This work questions whether or not pilgrimage can be used as an effective tool for an inter-generational faith formation program. Through the examination of pilgrimage scholarship, what it means to be a Polish-American, and the struggles that Polish parishes undergo, this work demonstrates that Polish-American parishes can re-vamp their faith formation programs and be better prepared to survive future changes
  • Mathematical models of rotating drops subject to electric effects

    Mathematical models of rotating drops subject to electric effects

    4243 RUR
    The problem of describing the evolution, stability and equilibrium shapes of a fluid droplet immersed in another viscous fluid and subject to different forces has provided the scientific community, for more than three centuries, with an endless source of inspiration and challenges. The origin of this area of study dates back to the theories of Isaac Newton that explain the Earth's shape as a self-gravitating mass of fluid rotating in space, and the experiments designed by the belgian physicist Plateau between 1843 and 1869 to validate Newton's work. Over the last decades, models for drops subject to forces have been applied to develop many industrial processes such as tensiometry techniques, electrospraying and Field Induced Droplet Ionization spectrometry among others. The main goal of this book is to answer how rotation influences the evolution of a conducting drop that could be charged or subject to an electric field parallel to the rotation axis. This study combines full numerical simulation with an adaptive Boundary Element code and asymptotic analysis, and describes with precision the formation of singularities (Taylor cones or drop breakup) at the drop's interface
  • Power Transformer's Winding Fault Detection

    Power Transformer's Winding Fault Detection

    6830 RUR
    This book deals with the fault analysis and diagnostics of power transformers. In order to improve electric power quality, the sources and causes must be known before appropriate mitigating action can be taken. Insulation failure within transformer is considered to be one of the most important causes of total failure of power transformers. Any distortion in wave shape of recorded current and voltage signal shows the existence of fault in the transformer winding. These transients depend on the extent of failure. Transfer function approach is generally used as a diagnostic tool. Though, this method is quite efficient, detection of minor faults, particularly with regard to its location is difficult, since variation to such minor faults is minute in nature. Wavelet analysis is a relatively new method for studying power system transients. A theoretical and experimental simulation has been carried out for 61 MVA, 11.5/230 kV Transformer, with a view to determine the localization of fault, %change in the frequency in relation to % change in length of winding is examined. Time ~ frequency characteristics of the transients existing are computed using wavelet transform technique
  • Illustration Through Machine

    Illustration Through Machine

    5380 RUR
    This project is to visualize the automated plate cutting operation using plasma cutter. The main idea behind it, is about to let the machine does all the understanding of a human being in interpreting a Solidworks drawing. It will discuss on how a neutral dxf file play the role as the interchange format file to convey the instruction to the machine (cutter)
  • Micro Drilling of Hard to Cut Alloys with Electric Discharge Machining

    Micro Drilling of Hard to Cut Alloys with Electric Discharge Machining

    4550 RUR
    Conventional drilling is a multipoint, end cutting tool that involves cutting of a hole into a solid. The present work entailed the use of Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)technique to produce micro-holes in two different materials using copper and brass electrode tubes. The workpiece materials were selected on the basis of their use in biomedical implants and aerospace engineering. Optimization of the factors and their levels were accomplished using L-16 orthogonal array by Taguchi method. It was observed that workpiece material S.S-316L can be best machined with brass electrode-tube material at 3.0 ampere peak current and 75% duty factor. On the other hand, Ti-6. Al-4V was found to be best machined with copper electrode-tube material at 3.0 ampere peak current and 50% duty factor
  • Community Radio a Tool of Participatory Communication for Development

    Community Radio a Tool of Participatory Communication for Development

    9913 RUR
    In relation to Community Radio, the term community refers to a collective group of people sharing common characters and common interests. The term community can either be defined as a geographically based group of persons on as social group or sector of the people who have common or specific interests. Community Radio means radio broadcasting with the objective of serving the cause of the community in the service area by involving members of the community in the broadcast of their programmes. Community Radio affords a unique advantage of receiving transmission through low cost, battery operated portable radio sets. Like democracy Community Radio is, for the people, by the people and of the people. It is a two way process that empowers people to identify their's problems and finds solution. Community Radio enables the most vulnerable to participate is decisions for positive change in their lives. In real sense Community Radio is truly a medium for grassroots communication. Community Radio strengthens the democratic system and sends this voice of the masses across millions of people. Community Radio is the most significant tool for participatory and democratic communication
  • Machine learning in agroecology

    Machine learning in agroecology

    5576 RUR
    Simulation models are a widely used tool for modelling systems for which it is hard to obtain real data. However, the simulation models are usually complex and it is not an easy task to induce new knowledge and find relationships and dependencies among different parts of the simulation model. Previous attempts to analyze the outputs from simulation models were mainly focused on speeding up the simulation process. In this monograph we are proposing a methodology for analyzing results of complex simulation models. The methodology combines simulation outputs, background knowledge, and machine learning, to obtain new and interesting knowledge about a certain problem of interest. We apply our methodology to three different simulation models that simulate the co-existence between genetically-modified and conventional crops at different levels. The induced machine learning models provide us with new co-existence knowledge about the positive and negative influences on the co-existence between genetically-modified and conventional crops. The results encourage us to try the same methodology on different types of simulation models and different scientific areas
  • Electric Basis of Electric Stations

    Electric Basis of Electric Stations

    7204 RUR
    This book presents the meaning of electric basics for electric stations. It discusses the major components electric connections inside a station. The classification of connections for different types of stations is analyzed. The types of power stations and substations are classified in details and the main contents on the single line diagram of a station are illustrated. The principle of the design of stations is given where the layout design is investigated in details. The transient profile between transmission and distribution borders is deduced. The renewal energy generation and connection with networks presented with classifications. The costing and energy pricing are delivered. The transmission lines are studied well and the towers are grouped for illustration. The book is a simple tool for graduate and post graduate students. It is a useful reference for electric engineers, researchers and designers
  • The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    454 RUR
    In the Time Traveller's miraculous new machine, we will be carried from a Victorian dinner table to 802,701 AD, when the Earth is divided between the gentle, ineffective Eloi, and the ape-like Morlocks; forward again by a million years or so to glimpse a dying world of blood-red beaches and menacing shapes; and on again to the last days of our planet, a remote twilight where nothing moves but darkness and a cold wind. Brilliantly imaginative fiction or the shape of things to come? H.G. Wells's masterpiece still retains its power to provoke and enthral
  • Surface Roughness and Tool Vibrations in Turning Operation

    Surface Roughness and Tool Vibrations in Turning Operation

    6426 RUR
    The ability to predict the surface texture of a machined part allows engineers to select appropriate process inputs such as cutting conditions and tool geometry during the design process, in order to control the required surface quality. In machining operations, the quality of surface finish is an important requirement for many turned workpieces. Thus, the choice of optimized cutting parameters is very important for controlling the required surface quality. The focus of the this work is to find a correlation between surface roughness and cutting vibrations in turning, and to derive mathematical models for the predicted roughness parameters based both on cutting parameters and machine tool vibrations. The correlation coefficient was calculated by collecting and analyzing data generated by turning mild carbon steel samples at different levels of speed, feed, depth of cut, tool nose radius, tool length, approach angle, workpiece diameter, workpiece length and tool frequency. An additional aim of the work is to find a mathematical model for the predicted roughness parameters, based on both cutting parameters and machine tool vibrations
  • Machine Learning for Text Document Relevance Ranking

    Machine Learning for Text Document Relevance Ranking

    5918 RUR
    The context oriented information retrieval has always been based on some or the other explicit ontologies. The emphasis is laid on on the Implicit Ontologies extracted from input text documents themselves. The research focuses upon design of a system (tool) to rank text documents available in machine-readable format by analyzing them upon softcopies of the syllabus content, through congenial content filtering techniques. The notion of n-gram co-occurrences is used to give the semantic interpretation to the core sentences and their neighboring components. The semantic depths of search key phrases can be learnt by analyzing term-to-term associations from the underlying conceptual dependencies of the extracted content. Two metric measures were chosen for exploring text-semantic depths namely, Topical boundaries and Topical vicinities. The degree of relative relevance was investigated by computing other relevance metric, contextual levels of term-significance from the filtered pages with meaningfully related content. The text-document ranking results were compared for both relevance number and fuzzy-ordering approaches and were found interpretable in finite directions
  • Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Model

    Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Model

    4468 RUR
    EOT crane implies ‘electric overhead travelling crane’. The name implies that the crane operates through electricity and is operated overhead. Due to overhead running this cranes are widely used now a days in industries where large loads to be carried out. Generally the workspace in plants is of limited area. So it is impossible to operate a machine in the workspace if large load to be carried out from one point to another. Hence EOT cranes are needed here to carry loads as it will take load from one point in the workspace and run overhead and place it in the specified point without disturbing the working of workers in the workspace. Hence it occupies no floor space and this can never interface with any movement of the work being carried out at the floor of the building. The types of motions obtained from EOT crane are: Lifting motion of the hook, Horizontal traversing motion of trolley, Horizontal travelling motion of girder. The three motions of such crane are the hoisting motion, traversing motion and the cross travel motion
  • Cosmetology Education for Schools

    Cosmetology Education for Schools

    6426 RUR
    “The chapters discussed the meaning of cosmetology, professional ethics, personal and client safety, personal and client hygiene, cosmetic tools, equipment and materials,types of hair and its care, best remedies for your hair,hair growth and scalp, manicure and pedicure, nail disorders and diseases,know your skin and colours. This text is a must have due to its practical tips for Economic empowerment and survival strategies. It is also hoped that the text will be reviewed from time to time to add more spice to the broth.”Mrs. Catherine Chika Igbokwe, Department of Vocational Education,Abia State University, Uturu,Abia State, Nigeria.“The drawings, summaries, and questions in each chapter is an added value. These drawings, illustrations in each chapter in this book will help the students to understand and appreciate the subject cosmetology better.” Lady Ngozi Nwagbara PH.D, Ministry of Education, Umuahia, Abia State,Nigeria.“The book "cosmetology Education for schools” is a pioneer effort in the attempt to produce materials for both teachers and students in this new era.” Lady G. A. Onwuka, Executive Secretary, Secondary Education Management Board (SEMB), Umuahia, Abia State,Nigeria
  • Power Monitoring Tool

    Power Monitoring Tool

    4631 RUR
    This project is about the design of an economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally friendly small hydropower monitoring tool for Mukono as an agro-vet place though system design was based along Eskom at the falls, which when implemented can help the facilitation to supply hydro-electric power enough for rural household enterprises in Mukono district. Mukono district is one of the leading contributors to the agro-vet industry in Uganda especially Fish and pineapples. Mukono District has not benefited like other areas in the Rural Electrification Program in the past ten years. Reason, in the area of computing, the H.E.P (Hydro-Electricity Power) industry is still struggling with how to get the input/output method of computing the daily, weekly, or even annual consumption of power per household/min-hydro. Unfortunately, workers and other qualified employees have failed to monitor the quantifiable consumption of power on small-scale based industrial place so that they can come to a compromise on the issue of load shedding. This affects productive areas like Mukono
  • Simulation of Tool Flank Wear for Turning

    Simulation of Tool Flank Wear for Turning

    4468 RUR
    Economic selection of cutting conditions is an important task in the field of machining. The main problem faced in optimization of cutting conditions is that once selected the optimum cutting conditions do not remain optimum throughout the complete machining operation. This is due to the dynamic variations in the process parameters upon which the decision of optimization depends. So,there is a need to update the optimum cutting conditions continuously throughout the entire machining operation. To achieve this task the tool flank wear is measured by conducting experiments on lathe machine. The data values obtained from experiments are used to develop an equation for tool wear as function of speed, feed and time using Response Surface Methodology. This equation is used in simulation of multi objective optimization of turning operation
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