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    7466 RUR
    In this book, we formulated an intelligent Quality of Service provisioning model with a view to improving the perceived response time of e-commerce clients, while effectively optimizing the limited resources using the fuzzy expert system. A prototype of the model was implemented as a web based n-tier application comprising of the client tier, the web tier and the enterprise tier using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) language. The performance of the model was investigated using a simulation program developed in MATLAB modelling language. In the simulation, clients’ systems characteristics, their purchase histories and page sizes after a search operation is performed were randomly generated from statistical distributions. The simulation result revealed a good performance of the model over the Internet Best Effort model. specifically, the model will provide an effective management of quality of service of web applications in environments where computing and network resources are limited
  • Good Food: Healthy chicken recipes

    Good Food: Healthy chicken recipes

    484 RUR
    Packed full of recipes for succulent and wholesome chicken dishes for all occassions -whether you fancy a quick and delicious dinner but want to avoid the takeaway, want a healthy and satisfying lunch for work or just want to tuck in to your favourite meal without feeling guilty. From food perfect for feeding a crowd to fuss-free and scrumptious one-pan dishes, Healthy chicken recipes is the perfect companion for mouth-watering chicken dishes every time. Triple-tested by the trusted experts at Good Food and accompanied by a colour photograph for each recipe, you in cook in perfect confidence
  • Quality Control of Ceramic Tiles Using Image Processing

    Quality Control of Ceramic Tiles Using Image Processing

    4631 RUR
    Ceramic tile production is a very complex process. The production process is an assembly of chemical, mechanical, thermo-dynamical and other processes which must be finely tuned for good and successful production. In the production chain there are numerous ways for things to go wrong. Every failure directly reflects on the final ceramic tile. The final production phase is visual inspection, classification and packing of ceramic tiles. In most cases the last phase is based on human perception capability. Human resources as controllers in this phase are very unreliable. During hard working conditions in plant and human visual perception limitations, a man as a controller chain could be a source of failures and decrease production yield and product quality which increases total production costs. To avoid or minimize human related failure causes as much as possible, This book presents one of the ways how to introduce automatics as the main worker for this stage in the ceramic tile production


    4468 RUR
    Libraries face many challenges due to competitive enviornment from vendors, publishers, mass media, online services and internet. User''s expectations have increased due to advanced information technology and information explosion. In order to meet these challenges libraries need to assess their SQ to know whether they are meeting user?s needs and expectations or not. The purpose of this study was to measure service quality of academic libraries of a major university from students'' perspectives and to determine libraries'' own performance towards meeting users'' expectations. Research settings of the study were University of the Punjab''s academic libraries, excluding the main library. A survey method was chosen as a method of investigation and a modified SERVQUAL questionnaire was used to explore users'' desired and perceived service levels. The sample of the study was selected using stratified random sampling through proportional allocation. The results revealed that users'' expectations were high as compared to their perceptions. The overall service quality and satisfaction of the university''s libraries was found to be somewhat good
  • Measuring Service Quality and It's Impact on Tourists' Satisfaction

    Measuring Service Quality and It's Impact on Tourists' Satisfaction

    4550 RUR
    The global spa industry is still in its infancy even though it is the fastest growing leisure industry. Besides hospitality industry the spa industry is also integrated with other branches and fields, such as architecture, property development, landscape design, fashion, food and beverage, fitness and leisure personal development as well as traditional medicine. To stand out in the hot spring industry, good service quality has become the most important issue for competitiveness. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to discover what services must be offered and moreover, recognizing the key criteria which influence to raise customer satisfaction and to encourage repeat customers for perpetual business in hot spring. This book is also suggested to hotel proprietors as a guide in order to improve customer expectations of service quality and actual performance perceive
  • Algae As Bio-indicators Of Water Quality In Freshwater Ecosystems

    Algae As Bio-indicators Of Water Quality In Freshwater Ecosystems

    4631 RUR
    Algal blooms occur as a response to available nutrients in water. This sensitivity make these species good biological indicators of water pollution. This study presents the occurrence of algal assemblages along the Upper Chico River of Cordillera Region, North Luzon Philippines, with the corresponding indicated water quality. This paper also includes the photographs of surveyed algal species with their descriptions, water indication and habitat distributions
  • Computational Error and Complexity in Science and Engineering: Computational Error and Complexity (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)

    Computational Error and Complexity in Science and Engineering: Computational Error and Complexity (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)

    12948 RUR
    The book Computational Error and Complexity in Science and Engineering pervades all the science and engineering disciplines where computation occurs. Scientific and engineering computation happens to be the interface between the mathematical model/problem and the real world application. One needs to obtain good quality numerical values for any real-world implementation. Just mathematical quantities symbols are of no use to engineers/technologists. Computational complexity of the numerical method to solve the mathematical model, also computed along with the solution, on the other hand, will tell us how much computation/computational effort has been spent to achieve that quality of result. Anyone who wants the specified physical problem to be solved has every right to know the quality of the solution as well as the resources spent for the solution. The computed error as well as the complexity provide the scientific convincing answer to these questions. Specifically some of the disciplines in which the book will be readily useful are (i) Computational Mathematics, (ii) Applied Mathematics/Computational Engineering, Numerical and Computational Physics, Simulation and Modelling. Operations Research (both deterministic and stochastic), Computing Methodologies, Computer Applications, and Numerical Methods in Engineering. Key Features- Describes precisely ready-to-use computational error and complexity- Includes simple easy-to-grasp examples wherever necessary- Presents error and complexity in error-free, parallel, and probabilistic methods- Discusses deterministic and probabilistic methods with error and complexity. - Points out the scope and limitation of mathematical error-bounds- Provides a comprehensive up-to-date bibliography after each chapter.A· Describes precisely ready-to-use computational error and complexityA· Includes simple easy-to-grasp examples wherever necessary.A· Presents error and complexity in error-free, parallel, and probabilistic methods.A· Discusses deterministic and probabilistic methods with error and complexity. A· Points out the scope and limitation of mathematical error-bounds.A· Provides a comprehensive up-to-date bibliography after each chapter
  • Identification Of High Seed Yielding And Stable Fenugreek Mutants

    Identification Of High Seed Yielding And Stable Fenugreek Mutants

    6133 RUR
    Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) was recently introduced to western Canada as a forage crop. To reach its full potential, high yielding, early maturing fenugreek cultivars that produce good seed yield and quality within 100 frost free days need to be developed. In this study, mutation breeding approach was used on five locally adapted fenugreek genotypes to generate variants showing improved seed yield and yield attributing traits that can be used for cultivar development. Mutant generations of these plants were evaluated in multi-location, multi-year trials, and individual plants were selected for high seed and biomass yield. Seeds from a tetraploid fenugreek line and its diploid parent Tristar were grown under multiple environments to understand effect of environment on seed oil content. In addition, mold resistant fenugreek genotypes were identified by screening a collection of fenugreek accessions against a destructive fungal pathogen Cercospora traversiana
  • Water quality and macroinvertebrates, South-East Lowveld,Zimbabwe

    Water quality and macroinvertebrates, South-East Lowveld,Zimbabwe

    3393 RUR
    This study assessed impacts of agricultural runoff (predominantly from sugar plantations) on the water quality of rivers in the lowveld, southern Zimbabwe, using selected physico-chemical variables and macroinvertebrate community structure. Thirteen sites located along Chiredzi and Runde Rivers were sampled in November 2009 and 11 sites in February 2010 for the dry and wet season sampling respectively. Findings from this study showed that agricultural runoff has a huge impact in deteriorating water quality and resulting in loss of pollution-sensitive benthic fauna, leading to species extinction and erosion of taxon richnes in the Chiredzi and Runde Rivers. Biomonitoring and water quality analyses confirm that the rivers in the lowveld are in distress in the absence of good environmental practices. Siltation which has resulted in the smothering of riverine habitats partly accounts for the low macroinvertebrate diversity. There is need for urgent measures that include changes to more environmental friendly irrigation systems in order to reduce the level of impacts
  • Comparative Study of Water Polluition in River Gomit and River Suheli

    Comparative Study of Water Polluition in River Gomit and River Suheli

    6426 RUR
    River Gomti runs across the major parts of Uttar Pradesh, various industries are pouring effluents directly into Gomti and domestic waste water are also discharged into this river. As Suheli River of Dudhwa National Park travelled through the forest, it was found almost to be pollution free. The extent of water pollution in both the rivers and the possible impacts of pollution on plant, Pistia stratiotes and fish, Wallago attu in both the regions were analysed and compared in pre monsoon, monsoon and post monsoon seasons. The physico chemical properties of water at different sites and morphological, physiological properties of Pistia stratiotes and haematological properties of Wallago attu were studied. The present research was aimed to study the ecosystem and trend of Suheli river in Dudhwa National Park and Gomti River of Lucknow city and conservation of precious ecosystem of Dudhwa National Park and Gomti river. The water quality of Gomti river was found to be more polluted as compared to that of Suheli river which was found to be good for the flora and fauna of the area
  • Comparison of Rural and Urban Quality of Life of Bolpur P.S.

    Comparison of Rural and Urban Quality of Life of Bolpur P.S.

    7204 RUR
    Quality of life is a composite measure of physical, mental and social well-being as perceived by individual or by group of individuals that is to say happiness, satisfaction and gratification as it is experiences in such life concerns as health, marriage, family work, financial situation, educational opportunities, self esteem, creativity belongingness and trust in others. The objective of this book is to find out rural –urban as well as intra –rural and intra-urban variation in the quality of life both at household and individual levels. The study is mainly based on primary data collected from sample households of twelve sample villages of different social groups in rural area and 18 wards of Bolpur municipality in urban area. Findings of the study show that the overall quality of life of urban people is better than that of the rural people. In order of relative dominance in terms of percentages higher to lower degree of QOL urban people enjoy good, then very good whereas rural people enjoy good then medium QOL index category. Again Intra-rural and intra-urban variation across different demographic, social, cultural, economic groups also exists
  • Current Quality-Management Practices in Indian Small Scale Industries

    Current Quality-Management Practices in Indian Small Scale Industries

    7466 RUR
    The paper is designed to cater the needs of MSMEs, as well as the proprietors of this sector by giving a good understanding of the subject i.e. importance of quality management and it’s impact on achieving competitive advantage in world market. The paper contains 7 chapters along with few case studies of small and medium firms of different sectors as discussed in chapter-4. SPSS-12 soft-wear was used to analys the data along with conventional data analysis tools. Key Features of the paper: • MSMEs • Quality Management • ISO • TQM • Quality Readiness. "A Study of Quality-Management Practices of Selected MSMEs in Uttar-Pradesh"
  • iPad mini For Dummies, 2nd Edition

    iPad mini For Dummies, 2nd Edition

    2290 RUR
    What the book covers: Getting started with your i. Pad mini, mastering the multitouch interface, synchronizing your data, working in the i. Cloud, setting up i. Tunes and your i. Pad mini, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, texting with i. Message, browsing and downloading applications from the App Store, making video calls with Face. Time, working with Siri your voice activated virtual assistant, unveiling the i. Pod in your i. Pad mini, taking control of your tunes, finding and watching videos, importing pictures and launching slideshows, capturing photos and videos, curling up with a good i. Book, getting organized with Reminders, finding your way with maps, working with the calendar, sharing photo streams, taking notes, adding and viewing contacts, staying connected with Notification Center, protecting your information, accessorizing your i. Pad mini, troubleshooting, and more. Series features: Information presented in the straightforward but fun language that has defined the Dummies series for more than twenty years
  • Promoting Girls Education in Kenya

    Promoting Girls Education in Kenya

    5283 RUR
    This report is meant to provide a detailed assessment of the WISER Bridge program in Muhuru Bay. The first part documents the incredible success the program has made in increasing KCPE scores for both boys and girls in the participating schools, and provides direct feedback from students and teachers who explained why these changes had come about. Teaching quality has improved through WISER Bridge’s pay-for-performance technique because teachers are being given financial incentives, being held accountable, being rewarded and recognized for good work and punished for poor work, and being motivated through seminars and free teacher training
  • Free Zones and their Economic Effects

    Free Zones and their Economic Effects

    5576 RUR
    Free zones have long been associated with high expectation of contributing to employment creation, export revenue mobilization and other positive externalities from FDI. However, evidence on how well these expectations are realized is far from conclusive. This study therefore evaluated this issue, using Ghana’s experience during the period 1996 to 2006. It finds that the zone has been able to attract significant investments, which is dominated by natural resource-based manufacturing. Quite against expectation, local investments also dominate investment interests. Relative to non-traditional exports, the zone demonstrates good performance and potential in export revenue generation. Firm-level analysis further reveal that technical manpower, location, number of years in operation and firm size has positive and significant effect on export turnover of manufacturing firms. Nonetheless, investments in capacity development show significant but inverse relationship. Among development stakeholders and the academia, this study should inform further thinking about free zones as a development strategy. Present and prospective investment decision-makers should also find the study resourceful
  • Effect Of Different Priming Methods On Seed Quality Of China Aster

    Effect Of Different Priming Methods On Seed Quality Of China Aster

    4716 RUR
    A laboratory experiment was conducted at College of Horticulture, Dr.Y.S.R. Horticulture University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad during the year 2011-12. The experiment was laid in factorial completely randomised block design comprising two factors viz, age of the seed and then other as priming method. Entire treatments were replicated four times. Seed samples were primed and kept in polyethythelene bag and stored for six months at ambient condition. The treated seeds were used to observe different physiological and biochemical changes in each month upto a period of six months. Storage of the treated seeds up to six months resulted in a gradual decrease in performance of the seed. However, storage of the six months old KNO3 treated seed up to six months was found to be good compared to one year old seed regarding all the quality parametes. Among all KNO3 gave best results
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