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  • Halmos: I Want To Be A ?mathematician? – An     Automathography In 3 Parts (pr Only)

    Halmos: I Want To Be A ?mathematician? – An Automathography In 3 Parts (pr Only)

    1892 RUR
    Halmos: I Want To Be A ?mathematician? – An Automathography In 3 Parts (pr Only)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support at Critical Care Areas

    Advanced Cardiac Life Support at Critical Care Areas

    4631 RUR
    Advanced cardiac life support is a life saving procedure that require collaboration of heath team members. This procedure is an in- hospital line of care and nurses have a vital role in profession of such care including early detection, prevention and management of patients who are in need for these procedure. This book delineated detailed nurses role in managing such patient e.g, nurses role in cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest in special circumstances, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation,emergency medication, electrocardiogram monitor,12-lead electrocardiogram,oxygenation,endotracheal suctioning,suctioning of the airways and central venous pressure
  • Support Systems of Widows in Tirumala - Tirupati

    Support Systems of Widows in Tirumala - Tirupati

    7204 RUR
    In India, the widows as against the widowers thus form a major group. In 1951, the widow population was more than two times that of widower population; in 1961 and 1971, it was less than thrice that of widower population; in 1981 it was more than three times that of widower population; and in 1991 it was more than four times that of widower population. In 2001 and 2011 it was more than six times that of widower population. The proportion of young widows has decreased when compared to the previous during the decades 2001-2011. It is a symbol of social change. Employee widows lead a better life when compared to the unemployee widow. A support system is a weapon for widows. Widows needed upliftment in all wise of supports like, economic, social, service and emotional should starts from family that is primary institution and it should be extended in all secondary institutions in society
  • Informal Support Network in an Asian American Community

    Informal Support Network in an Asian American Community

    9441 RUR
    The continuum of care framework posits that individuals move from one level to the next in seeking resources for help ranging from first using informal support to finally using formal services. It is well-known in the literature that existing formal services are underutilized by the Asian American population. If that is also the case in nontraditional settlement cities like Richmond, Virginia, the continuum of care framework and existing literature suggest that Asian Americans are turning to their informal support networks to meet their needs. Thus far, the literature on informal support networks and the focus on Asian American communities are very limited. Furthermore, there is not an adequate theory to explain and predict this phenomenon. This book is a study using grounded theory design to develop a testable theory that could further the understanding of informal support networks in an Asian American community. This understanding will allow mainstream services to extend formal systems of care and better partner with existing resources to effectively serve the increasing Asian American population in the South
  • More Parts

    More Parts

    831 RUR
    More Parts
  • Democracy Promotion in Ghana: United States of America Support

    Democracy Promotion in Ghana: United States of America Support

    4186 RUR
    Democracy promotion in Ghana provides a critical analysis of the United States of America democratic support to Ghana. The book assesses the contributions of the American Government through various civil society groups at the district level through two major projects: Government Accountability Improves Trust (GAIT) and Enhancing Civil Society Effectiveness at the Local Level ( ECSELL). Through rigorous and systematic methodological approaches, the book establised thought provoking findings which are critical to policy formulation at the international and national levels
  • The Jewish Refugees in Postwar Italy, 1945-1951

    The Jewish Refugees in Postwar Italy, 1945-1951

    7204 RUR
    The Jewish Displaced Persons, survivors of the Holocaust, among them former partisans and concentration camp inmates started arriving in Italy in summer 1945. Originally from the Baltic States, Hungary and other parts of Eastern Europe, their immigration reached its peak in 1947 and ended in 1951 when the last refugees left Italy. Throughout these years between 50 000-70 000 refugees passed through Italy on their way to mostly Eretz Israel. Contemporary testimonies support the refugee view that Italy was a different place and they felt for the most part accepted. The story of the Jewish refugees in Italy was a glorious one: they had a goal and most of them obtained it as they arrived in Eretz Israel. The purpose of the research is two-fold: it examines the movement and arrival in Italy of the refugees, as well as the attitudes of the Italian government, public and security forces towards them. It also examines the refugees themselves, their goals and aspirations and the social conditions of the DP camps. These aspects form an important part of political and social history, also in terms of the international effort to aid the refugees
  • Parts


    831 RUR
  • Parts & Places – The Structures of Spatial Representation

    Parts & Places – The Structures of Spatial Representation

    3274 RUR
    Parts & Places – The Structures of Spatial Representation
  • The People Solutions Sourcebook

    The People Solutions Sourcebook

    2217 RUR
    Working with people requires engaging with the issues that inevitably affect their lives and work – whether conflict or stress, relationship difficulties or communication breakdown. This hands-on sourcebook is an essential introduction to tackling the problems that arise between people. Offering a wealth of practical advice, methods and strategies, it will support you in building your own toolkit of methods, enabling you to turn problems into successes with both fairness and sensitivity. The book is divided into three easy-to-navigate parts: Part I provides a theoretical backdrop for the book. It explores the factors that contribute to a range of problems and discusses the knowledge, skills and values involved in effective problem solving. Part II is a collection of over eighty tools. Organized alphabetically, each technique is thoroughly explained so that you know when and how it can be used and what results it can deliver. Part III is a guide to further learning, packed with suggestions for reading and designed as a springboard for more advanced learning and skill development. This versatile resource builds on the success of its predecessor (People Problems) to demonstrate the important role that methods can play in working with people and their problems, whatever the setting. Grounded in realism and informed by the author's extensive experience, it will be indispensible for teaching, study and practice across the fields of social care, nursing, human resource and business management and any other professional role which is defined by its contact with people
  • B-Shelves


    4631 RUR
    B-Shelves (Box-Shelves) explores the relationship between architectural design intent, generative design, mass customization and digital fabrication. B-Shelves is mass custom furniture that is customizable on-line. It looks at generative design as an enabler for different design and manufacturing processes and different designer/consumer relationships. A process of mass customization, as described by the work, is able to support consumers who are interested in personalizing their furniture piece through a guided process. Through this process, the traditional role of the architect is shifted. The architect must consider the design of multiple end products and focus on a framework that is able to generate the serendipitous as well as the imagined. The B-Shelves project explores three parts of this mass custom process: how form is generated (including codifying the architect’s knowledge base in a parametric framework), how form is customized (using an interactive web interface), and how numerous unique forms are fabricated (using efficiencies of mass production). Each part of the file-to-factory process is discussed in depth, as is the construction of a built prototype
  • Fundamental of Plant Breeding and Agricultural Botany

    Fundamental of Plant Breeding and Agricultural Botany

    7204 RUR
    The biological branches botany and plant breeding have been growing rapidly which have influenced the thinking of plant breeder and botanist. It is hard work to make a good compilation to cover the knowledge of botany and plant breeding in a single plate form in a simple mode. I am trying to compile it. The present compilation is mainly for UG and PG students of plant breeding and agriculture botany. Under the present compilation, i am including the introduction and history of plant breeding, and general principle and methods of plant breeding in a simple language. Tables and photographs have been used where necessary to make the task clear. In addition to plant breeding also include the introductory botany. Here i am including the plants structure and their different parts in detail. Also include the mode of reproduction and pollination, fertilization, embryo formation, seed development and taxonomy of the plants. I am sure that it will be helpful for increase the knowledge of students of agricultural botany and plant breeding. I would like to record my gratitude for my wife and family for support
  • RSPB Spotlight: Badgers

    RSPB Spotlight: Badgers

    945 RUR
    Badgers are elusive wanderers of the night and few mammals are as mysterious. Their nocturnal lifestyle means not many of us have ever glimpsed their monochrome form as they sniff and bustle their way through woodland or across pasture – yet most of us live far closer to a Badger group than we might think. In Spotlight: Badgers James Lowen explores all aspects of their lives including their communal living, feeding habits, as well as the major threats to and conservation support for Badgers. These iconic omnivores are widely represented in folklore and have permeated our popular culture. Generations of children have been entranced by Badger in Kenneth Grahame's book Wind in the Willows, however these determined yet mostly peaceful animals have also been loathed and persecuted for centuries. Badger baiting is thankfully now illegal, but the legal badger cull introduced in 2011 in parts of Gloucestershire and Somerset remains in place following the 2015 general election. With so much politics surrounding Badgers in the UK, it's not easy to get unbiassed information. In RSPB Spotlight: Badgers James Lowen keeps a neutral tone on the debate about Badger culling. He describes the history, from the first Badger found to be infected with bTB in 1972 and the subsequent gassing of setts from 1975 to 1982. He also outlines the RSPB's stance on the Badger cull. As one of the UK's largest landowners, the RSPB oppose Badger culling on their land, in favour of vaccination, cattle testing, bio-security and movement controls. The Spotlight series introduces readers to the lives and behaviours of our favourite animals with eye-catching, colour photography and informative expert text
  • Parts of Animals – Movement of Animals & Progression of Animals L323 V12 (Trans. Peck) (Greek)

    Parts of Animals – Movement of Animals & Progression of Animals L323 V12 (Trans. Peck) (Greek)

    1950 RUR
    Parts of Animals – Movement of Animals & Progression of Animals L323 V12 (Trans. Peck) (Greek)
  • Towards Geo Decision Support Systems For Renewable Energy Outreach

    Towards Geo Decision Support Systems For Renewable Energy Outreach

    4550 RUR
    Earth is affected by various natural phenomena such as natural calamities, disasters and human actions like urbanization, pollution, etc. One such major issue is the exhaustive usage of fossil energy and its adverse impact on our environment. Renewable energy is a natural source of energy that has substantial benefits. Knowledge about solar radiation data and its geographical presence determine potential solar energy investments and operational strategies. Thus, the objective of this research is to set forth the software architecture of Renewable Energy Decision Support System (REDSS). Significant part of this research process is focused on investigating the technologies like Datawarehousing, Extract Transform and Load to store and process huge amount of historical data and Business Intelligence for structuring the data and reporting the derived knowledge. Therefore, this work has aimed to emphasize and imbibe the above technologies to propose one complete REDSS for evaluating potential use of energy sources. As a prototype, this book also presents a low cost renewable energy explorer based on the proposed REDSS concept and freely available data
  • Wilmer Cutler & Pickering Manual on Litigation Support Databases 2e

    Wilmer Cutler & Pickering Manual on Litigation Support Databases 2e

    15092 RUR
    Wilmer Cutler & Pickering Manual on Litigation Support Databases 2e
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